Organic Mandarin Citrus Toner


Removes The Residuals Of Makeup, Cleanser And Heavy Water.
Maintains The PH Balance Of Your Skin
Helps To Better absorb Moisturizers and Serum
Hydrates & Tightens Skin
Skin Toning During Facial Or For Daily Use

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Organic Mandarin Citrus Toner, Large skin pores that have grown more obvious over time are referred to as open pores. Our pores open whenever we have a face treatment. After cleaning them, pores must be sealed up in order to prevent the re-absorption of all the dirt and oil. You will therefore experience whiteheads, acne, or pimples.

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Large pores can also be caused by excessive sebum production, an increase in hair follicles, hormonal changes, age, and sun exposure, to name a few. Also, a familial component may contribute to its occurrence. To help you resolve all of your skin issues, Dr. Romia offers you Therapy For Open Pores – Organic Mandarin Citrus Toner.

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While making skincare products, Dr. Romia always uses natural and organic components. Skin safety for our clients is a priority for us. We never take our clients’ skin health for granted. Similar to that, our Organic Mandarin Citrus Toner, which is our best treatment for open pores, is also loaded with natural components.

  • Tamarind seed and botanical extracts with aloe vera essentials.


  • An original Mandarin Citrus Toner by Dr. Romia is available for the first time in Pakistan as a Solution for Open Pores.
  • Also, this works best for skin toning during facials.
  • Also, it keeps your skin’s pH in balance, which is necessary for improved serum and moisturiser absorption.
  • The residue from cosmetics, cleansers, and heavy water are also removed by toner for open pores.
  • Moreover, it tightens and hydrates your skin.
  • Give it a light, relaxing appearance.
  • Above all, you may include this into your regular schedule.


  1. Use a toner treatment for open pores on your face after your facial.
  2. To ensure that it thoroughly absorbs into your skin, gently dab it over your face.
  3. Apply moisturiser thereafter. Use our Moisturizer – Pentagonal Cream, for instance.
  4. Reduce pores as a consequence, and enjoy having healthy skin.

In other words, if you desire skin that is young-looking, smooth, healthy, and fresh. Use our Organic Mandarin Citrus Toner – Remedy For Open Pores right now!

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