Dr Romia Turmeric & Moringa Soap


100% Organic
With Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed & Indian Vetiver Extract
For Anti-Wrinkles & Anti-Aging Purposes.
Smoothing, Ultra Moisturizing & Perfecting Skin
Excellent Cleaning Ability
A Complete Luxurious Soap


Dr Romia Turmeric & Moringa Soap Aging is list of all the changes that come with age, for instance in terms of skin it can be in the form of wrinkles.Similarly, Skin becomes rough. Moreover, it can also causes thinning of epidermis (upper layer of skin).

In other words, these changes in your skin make you look dull and old. But, there is no need to worry. Dr Romia provides Best Anti Aging Soap – Turmeric & Moringa Soap to give you a perfect younger look.


We use only organic and natural ingredients in the manufacturing process of our skincare products. We believe in natural beauty without being risking skin health of our customers. Therefore, our best anti aging soap – Turmeric & Moringa Soap consists of following natural ingredients like,

  • Moringa Oil
  • Turmeric Extract
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Grape Seed
  • Indian Vetiver Extract


Moringa oil & Turmeric – It has moisturizing, nourishing properties and also excellent cleaning ability. However, Moringa oil is very useful in cleaning hair and scalp. Above all , Moringa oil & pampering qualities of Turmeric and herbs resulting in a complete luxurious soap. In addition, turmeric also act as anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. Likewise, it also helps in removal of white and blackheads.

Indian Vetiver Extract – It helps in delaying the process of aging.

Jojoba Oil – Gives soothing ability to dry and irritated skin. Most importantly helps in delaying anti-aging signs.

Grape Seed – It reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.


  1. Apply onto wet skin. After that, massage gently for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Now you can wash your face with normal tap water thoroughly.
  3. To sum up, you should use our best anti aging soap regularly twice a a day for best results.

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