Dr Romia Organic Velvety Rose Hand & Nail Cream


Organic Rose Cream for Extraordinary Moisturization
Base of Shea Butter with Hemp Seed Oil, Grape seed oil and Jojoba Oil
Elegant Rose Scent
Moisturizes, softens and protects Hands & Nails.
Quantity: 220gm


Dr Romia Organic Velvety Rose Hand & Nail Cream, You could have a regular regimen that involves cleansing and moisturising your face. What about your hands and feet, though? Many people neglect to take care of their hands, nails, and feet, which causes them to appear lifeless and uncared for.

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In order for your hands, feet, and nails to seem soft, appealing, and healthy, you must take care of them. Don’t give up though; you may properly cure them with Dr. Romia’s Hand and Foot Whitening Cream – Organic Velvety Rose Hand & Nail Cream. However, you should use our Best Scrub for Manicure and Pedicure to exfoliate the skin on your hands and feet for better results.

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Dr. Romia is constantly motivated to find solutions to her patients’ skin issues without endangering their skin’s health. In order to achieve this, we exclusively employ natural and organic components to make our skincare products. Similarly, our Organic Velvety Rose Hand & Nail Cream, Hand and Foot Whitening Cream,

Shea Butter
Hemp Seed Oil
Grape Seed Oil
Jojoba Oil


Organic Velvety Rose hand & Nail Cream is Extra soft creamy base of Shea Butter.
In addition, Hemp Seed Oil, Grape seed oil and Jojoba Oil for Extraordinary Moisturization.
Its best for extra dry, sensitive and damaged skin.
Moreover, its Daily use on hand, nails and cuticles make them look attractive.
Most importantly, Suitable for all skin types.


In order to get best quick results, you must exfoliate your dead skin of hands and feet. For this, you should use our mani-pedi scrubs. For instance, you can exfoliate with our Hand & Foot Whitening Scrub – Best scrub for manicure and pedicure.
After that, you can apply Lime Revive Foot Cream and absorb it properly.
As a result, Enjoy Attractive, Soft and Beautiful Hands & Feet!

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