Dr Romia Organic Ocean Blue Sugar Scrub


For Manicure/Pedicure & Full Body Scrubbing
Contains Lavender, Rosemary, Mint & Sea Minerals
Exfoliates Revealing Smooth, Soft And Youthful Skin
Aromatherapy Experience
100% Organic Sugar Scrub
Quantity: 220gm


Dr Romia Organic Ocean Blue Sugar Scrub, Your hands and feet are more likely to come into contact with dirt than your face, thus they may become readily dirty and seem rough. Consequently, you should pay attention to how your hands and feet are doing. In order to appear great and lovely, you need take care of your hands and feet.

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As a result, Dr. Romia produces Organic Ocean Blue Sugar Scrub that is simple to use for pedicures and manicures at home. You will therefore receive lovely and smooth hands and foot treatment without having to travel.

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Dr. Romia is always focused on providing organic & safe skin care products to our customers to protect their skin from harmful chemicals. Similarly, our Organic Ocean Blue Sugar Scrub is also enriched with natural ingredients to provide you best Manicure & Pedicure Experience at Home without any inconvenience. Ingredients used in the manufacturing of Organic Ocean Blue Scrub are listed below:

Mint and Sea Minerals
Sugar Granules
Above all, it is organic in nature.


Our beautifying Sugar Scrub for manicure & pedicure at home with organic ingredient exfoliates revealing smooth, soft and youthful skin.
In addition, provides an extraordinary manicure, pedicure & Aromatherapy experience.
Moreover, it will improve your blood circulation.
It also helps to improve the health of your nails.
However, It also has De-Stress Element.
For hands, Feet & Full Body Scrubbing.


Organic Ocean Blue Sugar Scrub is hard in texture. So, Apply onto wet hands & feet.
After that, massage gently until the sugar particles in scrub melts properly.
Than wash away with normal tap water thoroughly and see the results.
To sum up, if you want smooth & beautiful hands & feet, Start using our Sugar Scrub to get fast results!

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