Dr Romia Liplicious


100% Organic
The Exfoliation Of Your Delicate Lips
Lip Balm To Moisturize
Soften Your Lips
Turn Your Black, Dried, Drenched And Weary Lips Into Glowing, Healthy And Highly Attractive
Natural Extracts Of 7 Berries


Dr Romia Liplicious we offer is exceptional and includes both Lip Scrub and Lip Balm, providing you with the opportunity to achieve soft, pink, and healthy lips.

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Similar to your face, eyes, and hands, your lips also require a healthy routine. They are a crucial aspect of your facial features, contributing to your overall beauty. Soft, luscious, and pink lips add to your attractiveness. However, during the dry and cold winter season, lips are prone to becoming dry and cracked.

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If your lips appear dry and lacklustre, it can impact your overall appearance. Therefore, to maintain the health of your lips, Dr. Romia offers the best lip balm and lip scrub, called Liplicious. Typically, you would need to purchase these items separately from the market, but with Dr. Romia’s product, you can find a complete lip care routine in one purchase.

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